3 Great Things To Do This Summer

3 Great Things To Do This Summer: Utah Valley Moms

Summer is already underway and for us here in Utah and there are so many great activities and events going on that it is hard to keep up with all of them! However, if you’re reading this from another state, chances are that these three great things to do this summer could also be happening near you! These three things are family-friendly and usually free!

  1. City Festivals: The city festivals are a great time of the year where the whole community can gather together to be involved in great events like parades, carnivals, and movie nights. Check your local city’s website to see if what they do for their community. If your city doesn’t have a city festival, chances are that another nearby city might be celebrating!

    cedar hills family festival

    Photo courtesy Cedar Hills

  2. Splash Pads: They’re usually free and they are great for little kids. Splash pads essentially have sprinklers that come up from the ground that release water for the kids to run through and play in. Some splash pad parks will have different built-in toys to spray others with or possibly have a lazy river to wade through. Whatever the case, if your kids love water, they will enjoy cooling off in a splash pad!
    The Pioneer Park splash pad area.  If you look closely, to the right, there are streams of water coming from the roof of the building down to the ground.  The pavilion is on the left of the photo.

    The Pioneer Park splash pad area in Provo, Utah.

    The west side splash pad.

    The Shops at Riverwoods splash pad in Provo, Utah.

  3. Movie Nights in the Park: There are usually plenty of free, family-friendly movies that play in various parks in Northern Utah. Local cities will host movies in the park and sometimes local schools will also host movie nights. Your family and friends can enjoy a free movie after the sun has gone down. Check with your city to see if they offer movie nights in the park.

    Photo Courtesy About.com


To learn more about local Utah Valley events, visit Utah Valley Moms! More Utah events can be found at Enjoy Utah and Coupons 4 Utah.

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