5 Furniture Pieces Great for Spray Painting

In one of our previous weekend projects, we discussed how to spray paint furniture effectively (see here). Today, we’d like to provide some ideas for good pieces of furniture and home decor to spray paint. They are included with external links to tutorials for how do the same thing in your home. We love each of these projects and think they are a great addition to any home!

1. Bed Frames. 

Metal bed frames, especially, are a good spray painting project to take on. When spray painting wood, a coat of primer is often needed for the job to be done well. Metal, on the other hand, doesn’t usually require primer. We like this project demonstration because it shows how easy it is to complete, in addition to showing what a bang it made for this room. A project like this can completely change the look of a piece of furniture, as well as the room it sits in. Click here for more details.


2. Chairs & Tables. 

If you don’t have money for a new dining room or kitchen table and chairs, but you want to update the look of your room, consider spray painting your existing ones or some from a thrift store. We like how this DIY-er decided to spray paint mismatched chairs all the same color. It adds some definite creativity and color to this home. Click here for details.


3. Side Tables. 

Sometimes it’s hard to picture a drastic change to a piece of furniture. This example shows that it really can be done. You won’t believe what it looked like before spray paint! Click here to see.


4. Lamps. 

Consider starting into your first spray painting project with something more simple: a ceramic lamp. A new coat of paint in a creative color can do a TON for lamps, as shown in this project.


5. Entertainment Centers. 

This particular entertainment center started out as more of a dresser, but the owner re-purposed it into an entertainment center. We love how it turned out! Click here for instructions and pictures.

dresser after

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