5 Outdoor Projects to Get You Excited for Spring

5 Outdoor Projects to Get you Excited for Spring

Spring is finally here, and we are eager to welcome it! Here are a few fun projects to start on before the summer heat hits. For more fun ideas, check out our “Great Outdoors” Pinterest page here.

1. Rainbow carrots.

Because, why not? Buy the heirloom, non-GMO seeds here.


2. Initial planters. 

Buy cardboard letters at your local craft store, fill them with soil, and plant away! Project link (and other gardening ideas for kids) here.


3. Grow your own herb garden. 

It’s not as hard as you think, and there are too many benefits not to not consider doing it. You can make your own healthy, organic spices with very little effort. Many will grow throughout the summer, so starting them now is a good idea. Some great info and instructions can be found here.


4. Chair swing. 

How about upcycle an old chair into a swing? Instructions here.


5. Cement garden stones. 

How about adding a little creativity to your garden or front lawn this year? Here’s an awesome tutorial on how to make your own cement stones.

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