5 Painting Tips You’ve Probably Never Considered

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Painting is one of the best ways to drastically change how a room looks, but there are also a lot of frustrations involved with painting. You may be unsure of what color to use, you might struggle with splattering or spilling your paint, or maybe you’re unsure of what the best techniques are. Lucky for you, we’ve kept that in mind while putting together this post! Read through the tips below for five great painting tips that you’ve probably never considered.

1. Painting perfect lines.

If you’re painting an accent wall, you’ll want the spot where your walls meet with different colors to be perfect. Here’s a step by step tutorial for how to accomplish that perfect line.

See here.

See here.

2. No messy drips.

Painting is messy business, so any tips for making it cleaner are helpful. Over at MarthaStewart.com, they’ve suggested using a firm rubber band to surround your paint can, wiping your brush off against the rubber band, and then letting the excess paint drip off the paint brush.

See full tip here.

See full tip here.

3. Freeze your paint brushes.

If you’re stuck painting late at night and want to finish in the morning, put your paintbrush in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer.

See here.

See here.

4. Pick the right color…the first time.

Debating on what color to use in your home? Read over this DIYer’s article talks about how to capture the mood of your room, how to set the right tone, and how to assess a color wheel.


Click here to read the full article.

5. Quick way to remove paint splatters and spills.

If you have a few mistakes after you’re done painting, try using rubbing alcohol to take the stain out. It will come out almost instantly and will work like a charm!


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