5 Quick and Easy Garage Storage Ideas

Most people would agree that there is room for improvement in their garage storage. If you’re anything like us, the garage is probably your “catch-all” area for old tools, boxes, bikes, gardening tools, and unused paint. Here are a few quick ideas for how to organize your garage efficiently in one afternoon:

1. Overhead storage for bins.

Creating storage for these bins is probably easier than you’d think. Here’s a video to show you how to build them yourself:

2. Overhead storage racks.

If you’re uncomfortable with or don’t have time to build an overhead storage track like the one above, you can purchase racks, such as the one below, to install instead. There are many options available, and they are easy to install yourself. Click here¬†to see what kind of options are available at Lowes.com.

3. Magnetic drill bit strip

Magnetic Knife Strip Keeps Drillbits Handy and Organized

Tired of losing your drill bits? Consider making a magnetic strip to keep them all in one place for easy access. Try re-purposing a magnetic knife strip, such as the one above, to keep small drill bits in line. You could also use one to store screwdrivers, keys, or scissors.

4. Simple Shelves

Shelf Smarts

Don’t underestimate the ability of simple shelves to organize your space. Store soil, bins, unused sprinklers and watering cans here to clean up clutter on your garage floor.

5. Use pegboards to hang up tools.

You might not have as many tools as this garage, but a pegboard is still a useful investment for storage in your garage. Hang up all your screwdrivers, wrenches, hammer and scissors here for easy access.

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