5 Websites to Help Plan your Remodel

5 websites to help plan your remodel

Spring is only a few weeks away, which means that the best time of year to do remodeling projects is almost here. If you’re contemplating a project, start planning it out by checking out these websites, and then call Centurion Homes for a free bid on your project at 801-805-0177!



Houzz is one of the best resources you have when planning a project because it brings in photos of projects, online products, and a directory of building professionals into one place. You can sort search results by style, stores online, and area professionals. As you find things you like, you can save them in your “ideabook” and add to it over time. Check out Centurion Homes’ page to get started on their site here.



 Most people are pretty familiar with Pinterest by now, but here are a few tips to improve your searches on their site: 1- Use specific searches. Don’t just search for “backsplashes,” search for “grey subway tile backsplashes.” 2- When you find a pin you like, click on it and then scroll down to see visually similar pins. 3- Don’t bother to search or use hashtags on Pinterest–they work essentially the same as using regular words in a search. Our page has thousands of ideas for white kitchens, children’s rooms, and modern lighting ideas.


Floorplanner is a site that allows you to digitally create any space and add walls, flooring, furniture, etc. It is helpful in visualizing what your space could look like without going to the work of drawing a hard copy or moving furniture around. Here’s a quick video introduction to their site:



 If you are hooked on the HGTV cable channel, you’ll love their online site. Their site is filled with tips, pictures, ideas, and suggestions for the regular homeowner. You can even upload pictures of one of your rooms in the “Rate my Space” section and have other users give you feedback.


Apartment Therapy

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Apartment Therapy is a home design blog with lots of DIY projects and ideas. Their renovation section is especially helpful because it shows lots of pictures and provides insight for homeowners considering renovations. You can even submit questions for other readers to answer. Their site is a successful blog, so it has lots of posts with DIY projects, questions from users, and shopping tips.

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