6 Creative Ways to Display your House Number

6 Creative Ways to Display your House Number

Wanting to display your house number more creatively? You may not yet know this, but there are many different DIY ideas to choose from. We’ve chosen to outline six of our favorites here.

1. Nail house numbers. 


These creative DIY-ers decided to create simple, modern-looking house numbers by spending hardly any money! They took a $5 box of nails and created a simple design with a small piece of wood. More information, see here.

2. Custom doormat.


A simple project to add character to your home is to create a custom doormat. Using spray paint, mask off areas of the mat for a border, and then cut out numbers from card stock. Pin the numbers to your mat, and spray paint the open areas. For more detailed instructions, see the project page on MarthaStewart.com here.

3. Tile Numbers. 

How to make house numbers

Create homemade house numbers by painting tiles and stenciling numbers onto them. Step-by-step instructions found here.

4. Flower pot house numbers. 


For this project, these DIY-ers spray painted flower pots black, and stenciled on their house number. This stark contrast draws interest and creates a creative look for the home. For more information, see here.

5. Modern house numbers. 


This homeowner took free paint sticks from Home Depot, stained them, and glued them to a board. She added house numbers, and the project was complete! See more detailed instructions and pictures here.

6. Customized wood house numbers. 


Many Lowes stores will custom cut house numbers for customers. The homeowners of this home mounted these custom-made numbers to their deck. For more information on Lowes’ website, click here.

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