Attic Renovations: Are They Worth It?


We often get questions from clients about whether or not an attic finish/renovation would be worth their time. In many situations, the answer is no, because the space is too small to be very functional. But in others, the remodel is worth your time because it can add not only extra space, but also sometimes even bedrooms or playrooms.

So how do you know if your space is worth remodeling? Consider these basic guidelines: the usable space in an attic begins where the height of an outside wall reaches five feet. If you’re wanting to get more than that, you can consider adding dormers, but they are often rather expensive.

Another factor to consider is that you will likely need to strengthen your main floor ceiling joists to support additional weight. The existing rafters likely weren’t built to support floors, furniture, and people–just a ceiling. Similarly, you will need to think about what kind of stairs you will need built to access the attic. For a regular staircase, you usually need to have an area of 3×16 feet available on the main floor. A spiral staircase requires a five foot diameter space. According to most city codes, ladders are only acceptable for accessing a loft, not attic bedrooms.

That is a lot of information to take in, but if you think your attic might be in good shape for a renovation, call us today for a free bid on your project. We’ll come out to your house, take measurements, talk with you about what you’d like to have done, and put together a reasonable bid for your project. Call us today at 801-805-0177 to talk about your project and set up a time for a bid!

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