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Triangular wall stencil

Trendy Thursday: Geometric Patterns

Hello readers! We’re starting what we like to call “Trendy Thursday” this week. Every Thursday, we’ll post a home trend that we’ve …



Hey all! We started a Twitter account. Follow us on Twitter to receive info about updates, giveaways, and useful links. Here’s the …

centurion homes

Guest Blog Post

Starting today, Centurion Homes will be doing guest blog posts for Utah County Moms. We are excited for this opportunity to share …


US Home Construction is on the Rise!

Are you thinking about building or adding to your home? Well, you’re not alone! A recent article published by the Deseret News showed that …

Centurion Homes’ First Facebook Giveaway!

We have exciting news: Centurion Homes is doing its' first Facebook giveaway! Follow the instructions below to enter to win a $35 gift card to your favorite restraunt.

*Be sure to share this photo from our actual Facebook page, no need to upload it yourself* 

Facebook contest