How Centurion Homes Preserved the Environment in 2013


In our first year as an Energy Star Certified home builder, Centurion Homes helped preserve Utah’s environment. Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency provided us with the following statistics. In 2013, Centurion Homes:

  • Saved 1,815 pounds of coal
  • Planted 1.4 acres of trees
  • Saved homeowners $300 on their utility bills
  • Eliminated emissions from .5 vehicles


Here at Centurion Homes, we love building Energy Star Certified homes and remodeling existing homes to be more energy efficient because of the benefits involved for homeowners and the environment. Are you interested in building an Energy Star Certified home or improving the energy rating of your current home? Learn more about our program here or by calling us at (801) 805-0177.

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