Combining Real Estate & Home Construction

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Hello readers!

Yesterday, the Deseret News published an article about why 2014 would be a great year to sell your home. They say that houses are going for asking price and that overall consumers are feeling confident in their finances. This is great news for Utah, and particularly for you!

Here at Centurion Homes, we are not only a general contractor, but we are also certified in real estate*. This means a great deal to our customers because we are extremely familiar with Utah’s housing market and construction market. If you’re considering doing a remodel, you’re probably wondering how much value it would add to your home. We can help you determine this–as well as determine whether it would be more cost efficient to sell your current home and build a new one. By using us for any home-related need, you eliminate dealing with numerous agents, companies, and contractors for your work. Learn more about the real estate division of our company by clicking here.


*Aaron Schauers, owner of Centurion Homes, is an agent with the brokerage Home Basics Real Estate. 

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