Five ways to prepare your home for cold weather

While the blistering Utah summer heat is finally behind us, cold temperatures and another winter are just around the corner. Every season puts wear and tear on your home, and regular examination and maintenance is necessary to keep your home in good shape. Here are five maintenance tips to consider as we head into cold weather this year.

1. Clean out your rain gutters. 

You’d probably be surprised to find out how much debris has stacked up in your rain gutters. Take some time to clean out the gutters so that water and snow don’t clog up this winter.

To do so, station a ladder in the appropriate spot along your house, put on gloves, and grab an old bucket to put any debris in. Move along your home and clean out the debris accordingly. Afterward, run a garden hose in the gutter to clean it out and check for any leaks. This is also a good way to ensure that your gutters are elevated properly and not puddling up in any spots.

2. Drain sprinklers. 

If you don’t take proper care of your exterior pipes–especially sprinklers–they will freeze with water and burst when it gets cold. To avoid this, make sure that you properly drain all of your sprinklers and disconnect all hoses from your home.

3. Apply fall fertilizer.

At the end of summer, your grass is usually still recovering from the blistering heat of summer. Give it a healthy dose of fall fertilizer to help it recover from that and protect it as it heads into cold temperatures. Stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot offer all kinds of fall fertilizers. Some can be found on this page.

4. Examine and repair exterior doors. 

Examine the weatherstripping on all of your exterior doors. Is it worn out or cracked? If so, you should take the steps necessary to fix the weatherstripping. A helpful how-to guide on how to do this can be found here. While you’re at it, examine all door latches as well to ensure that they are closing tightly.

5. Service your furnace.

Lastly, you should call a professional, such as Centurion Homes, to examine and perform general seasonal service on your furnace. Most homeowners don’t realize the importance of getting their furnace green tagged. Green tagging means that a professional will come and adjust a furnace so that it is burning the correct amount of gas and not wasting any as it cycles. Questar Gas recommends getting your furnace serviced and adjusted annually. In addition, this is a good time to change your furnace filter and get a general service treatment done so that all of its parts are functioning properly.

Centurion Homes is happy to offer our services in all areas–whether your furnace needs green tagging or you need help cleaning out your rain gutters, we are happy to assist. Call us today at 801-805-0177.


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