Handling Your Money: Past, Present, and Future

Money House

An interesting article published in the Deseret News today discusses how Americans should think about their money– in terms of the past, the present, and the future. The article argues that people should always try to live in the present financially, while doing their best to take care of past debts and future retirement plans. The insightful and helpful article can be found here.

When thinking about buying a home, building a home, or remodeling your home, you should wisely consider how your investment is going to affect your present and future financial situations. Do you have existing debt from school or credit cards in your name? Are you earning enough to live comfortably while paying a mortgage? Can you afford a remodel without going into debt? If you can’t, can you find a smart way to finance your project? If you’re looking for good ideas for financing your construction project, check out our previous blog post on five ways to finance your remodeling project.

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