Why You Should Never Hire an Uninsured Contractor

Uninsured Contractor

In the construction industry, contractors are required to carry two forms of insurance: liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Hiring a contractor who doesn’t have one or either of these puts you at major risk as a homeowner. Why?

  • Liability insurance protects you if a contractor causes damage to your home. If the contractor doesn’t have liability insurance, they cannot be legally held responsible for any damage.
  • Worker’s compensation insures that if a contractor gets hurt while working on your home, you won’t have to pay his medical bills.

So what should you do? You should request copies of the contractor’s liability and worker’s compensation before hiring them or signing any contracts. That way, if you run into trouble, you’ll already have the documents you need to protect yourself.

While there are some contractors and subcontractors that don’t carry these forms of insurance and may offer less expensive rates, it’s still not worth your money to use them. As a licensed general contractor with valid liability insurance and worker’s compensation, Centurion Homes has developed a reputable name throughout Utah. We require each subcontractor we send into your home to have valid liability insurance and worker’s compensation in addition to our own company’s liability insurance and worker’s compensation. By using a reputable Utah general contractor like Centurion Homes, you are doubly protected during the duration your project.


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