Quick Tip: How to Melt Ice Dams on your Roof

Utah County has truly become a winter wonderland in the last few days. While the snow is beautiful and festive, it also creates problems for homeowners who lack proper insulation and ventilation in their homes when ice dams form. Ice dams are the huge chunks of ice and snow, usually in the form of icicles, that form on the edge of your roof, such as seen on this home:

icicle-of-death-1 So why do some houses get them and others don’t? It all has to do with the ventilation and insulation systems in your attic. When it snows, interior heat travels through your roof melting the snow on your roof. This melted water runs down your roof until it reaches the edge, where it refreezes because the roof’s edge is colder. When this happens, large, heavy icicles form and weigh down your gutters. This may cause your gutters to break or water to leak into your home once the icicles start melting.

A quick fix for getting rid of ice dams is to take an old pair of pantyhose and fill it with calcium chloride ice melter. Place the pantyhose along your roof’s edge, letting it hang over the edge. It may look a little silly, but it’s the safest way to solve your problem:



A longterm solution to fixing ice dams is to increase the insulation in your attic and fix any ventilation problems. If you would like to get a handle on your home’s ice dam problem before winter gets work, give us a call today at 801-805-0177 for a free bid to fix your attic’s insulation and ventilation problems.

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