Remodeling by Rearranging


Often, when people hear the term “remodeling” they think of tearing down walls, installing new and expensive flooring, and spending loads of money. While this might be true for some remodeling projects, there is actually a lot change you can make to your home by remodeling spaces and spending minimal amounts of money.


Take for example, the home of one of our owners. To make room for a nursery upstairs, they did some simple rearranging of spaces in their home. Because they had two dining rooms (one formal and one informal in the kitchen), they moved the formal dining room to their basement near their basement kitchenette. They turned their ground floor formal dining room into a TV room, and their initial TV room upstairs into a nursery for their new baby. By making these simple rearrangements, they completely changed the spaces in their home to fit their needs, without spending any money. All you need to do is to think outside of the box and be open to new functions for rooms and spaces in your home. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind:


  • Adding a quick coat of paint and molding can completely change the look of a space. Doing so will help reinvent the room in your mind so that you’re more ok with it serving a new function. The room below shows how a crisp clean paint job on the walls and a contrasting wide crown molding completely updated this room.



  • Adding an area rug, a new light fixture, new wall art, etc. Find new accessories that you love to add to your new space–you’ll be surprised by how much this can change the look of your room. Be open to bright colors and new trends–ultimately, taking a risk is where you’ll see the biggest changes in your space. An area rug, window treatments, a modern lantern light fixture, and small accents of green and purple were added to this room to update the space.



  • Be open to new arrangements of furniture. When rearranging furniture within a room, think about functionality, where you want the biggest pieces to go, and what sort of arrangement allows for conversation. Maybe take a minute to draw out the space on paper or clear the room so that you can envision all of your options. Keep in mind that your room should have a focal point–maybe a fireplace, a large window, a piece of art, etc. Then arrange the rest of the room around that.  A great article for learning how to efficiently rearrange furniture can be found here.


Remember that sometimes it might take re-arranging and playing around with your space for a while before you find an arrangement that really works. If you have any questions, need help with your remodel, or would like advice on how to remodel and rearrange your space, give us a call today at 801-805-0177.

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