Teal & Grey Nursery Makeover

Have a little one on the way? Do you to makeover a room into nursery, but don’t have a lot of cash? This unique nursery is proof that you can make a big bang on a small budget. Our owner, Aaron Schauers, wanted to create a nursery for their new baby girl without spending too much. He and his wife created this beautiful room by combining new wallpaper, batten board, and re-purposing furniture.

To create chevron-style wall decoration, Aaron watered down paint and brushed it onto some reclaimed wood. He created frames in the wall with batten board trim, and then nailed the reclaimed wood in a chevron style. They painted the blue end table and added shelves on the wall to bring the room together. Each of these elements combined cohesively to create the perfect room for their new baby girl.

IMG_9580 IMG_9566 IMG_9560 IMG_9572 IMG_9575 IMG_9570 IMG_9569

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