Trendy Thursday: 8 Mirror Walls You’ll Love

There are many ways to achieve the look of a mirror wall. Some people prefer to have all of their mirrors painted the same color, others prefer to have some frames mixed in, and some even like to have their mirrors be all the same size. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you’ll want to shop for your mirrors in different places. If you want a mismatched look, you’ll want to look at thrift stores–and you’ll likely have to settle for building up your collection slowly over time. As you see mirrors show up in second hand stores, start your collection with one piece at a time. If you’d like your mirrors to have more of a uniform look, you’ll probably want to buy several mirrors of the same style at places like Ikea, Target, or your favorite home design store.

If you want to make over any of the mirrors you buy, here’s a great blog post with 12 ways to spruce up a mirror. Check out the pictures below to get a taste for what you like and to get ideas for your own project!

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