Weekend Project: Add an Accent Wall

accent wall

So you’re too scared of painting all the walls in a room a dramatic color, but you still want to make a bold statement. A great way to play it safe is to add an accent wall to the room instead. This will add a lot of interest to your room without overwhelming it with color. But you should also be careful–picking the wrong wall or color could cause some problems for your room. Here’s are some tips to consider when picking and painting your accent wall:

1. Pick the right wall. Don’t ignore the architecture of your room. If one wall has interesting architecture, you’ll want to pick it for your accent wall. Other good walls to pick are ones with a fireplace, the wall behind the head of your bed, or a bookcase wall. Also consider where you have windows or doors (especially french doors)–adding an accent wall to frame these features may be a good idea for your room.

2. Pick the right color. When making this decision, you should consider the size of the wall and how it would work with various colors. Picking red for any wall usually makes the wall feel closer, while picking a lighter color will make it feel more distant. Here’s a very helpful article on the psychology of color in your home.

To get inspiration for your accent wall, scroll through this idea page for accent walls on Houzz. There are lots of ways to use an accent wall in a room to your advantage, and painting it is just the beginning!

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