Weekend Project: Adding Curb Appeal

Spring is finally here! Daffodils are popping up from the ground and the sun is coming out from behind the clouds. Here at Centurion Homes, we are eager to make the transition from this cold winter to summer. To get your mind churning on how to welcome spring this year, today we’re presenting a few simple ideas for how to add curb appeal to your home.

1. Add a layer of mulch. Adding a layer of mulch will significantly clean up how your yard looks. Most landscapers say that the darker the mulch, the better it will look. Reddish-orange mulch is generally not a good idea. Consider adding some like this:


2. Add a splash of color. Consider painting your front door, staining your fence, adding an accent color on your window trim, or putting up shutters. Make sure the colors all work together and compliment the style of your home.


Source here.

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