Weekend Project: Clean out the Clutter!

It shouldn’t take the arrival of spring to clean out the clutter in your home! I think that we can all agree that we are happier when we come home to a clean, clutter-free home. And, January is a great time to do this because it will help prevent the winter blues. Here are a few quick tips to clean out the clutter in your home this weekend:

1. Go through your kitchen. Toss out expired goods from your cupboards and pantry and try rearranging the food you do have by type. Keep baking ingredients on one shelf, canned goods on another, and pasta and rice on another, etc.


2. Clean out your closet! This task can be a hefty project, but if you try the Oprah Winfrey Closet Hanger experiment, you’ll quickly discover which clothes you should keep and which you should toss. Each time you wear an item, hang it back up at the end of your closet. Over time, you’ll find the clothes you never wear ending up on the far side, and the ones you do wear on the other. That way, you’ll know which clothes are worth keeping and which you should say goodbye to.


3. File. Create a simple filing system for documents, and then stick to it. That’s the trick–filing things as they come in and not letting them pile up over time.


4. Clean out your medicine cabinet. Go through all of your medicines and check the expiration dates. Throw away anything that’s expired or that you don’t use.


Even by just starting with these simple steps, you’ll soon start to feel more organized and comfortable in your home. Take even just 10 minutes to tackle a few of the above suggestions and you’ll be sure to notice a change in no time!

Have a great weekend, readers!

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