Weekend Project: How to Replace a Vanity Mirror

Happy November, everyone! We hope that all of our readers had a safe and fun Halloween. This week’s weekend project is one that literally anyone can do. Are you tired of looking into the same vanity mirror every morning? Well, you can quickly and easily replace that mirror with a new vanity this weekend.

Step 1: Remove existing mirror.

A lot of professionals recommend that you cover your mirror with packaging tape before removing it from the wall. This will keep the glass from cracking or shattering. Next, you’ll want to insert wooden shims in any gaps between the mirror and the wall. Tap them until they’re snug, but don’t force them in. Then, you’ll want to place another shim against the wall (for protection), and use a pry bar to gently pull the mirror off the wall. Be very gentle, and carefully pull along the top and sides of the mirror, releasing a little bit at a time. As you reach the bottom of the mirror, support it at the top to prevent the whole thing from popping off the wall.

Begin prying off the old mirror

2. Repair any damaged drywall.

First, scrape away any adhesive residue with a putty knife. Sand the areas that need to be patched, then brush a light coat of primer over the damage. Let the primer dry, and then sand it smooth. Apply several layers of drywall patch, allowing time for each layer to dry in between. Sand the patched area, and then apply a coat of primer. Allow the primer to dry, and then apply wall paint.

Apply spackle over wall damage

3. Purchase a new mirror.

Home Depot and Lowe’s are always great for finding new mirrors, as they usually have a wide variety of options. Most mirrors/ vanities will have sufficient instructions for installation. Since you can’t drill through a mirror, usually mirrors come with brackets on the back side and a form of adhesive for the edges.

If you’re uncomfortable doing this task, you’re always welcome to submit a service request here for our skilled and qualified handymen to do it for you. Have a great weekend!

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