Weekend Project: Insulate your pipes


In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed how frozen pipes work and how to keep your home in good shape for winter. Today, we’re going to go through a great weekend project that we didn’t mention in either of these posts in much detail: how to insulate your pipes to get through the winter.

Adding insulation to your pipes will save you money by reducing the heat loss in your pipes that carry hot water. And if you do, it won’t take as long for your water to warm up when you turn it on. Doing so will also help prevent pipes freezing in the wintertime. Plus, insulating your pipes is easy, cheap (about $0.30 a foot), and worth your time. Here’s how to insulate your pipes:

1. Measure your pipes. Start at your water heater and measure how much length you’ll need to insulate from the pipes heading out of it. It’s especially important to insulate the 3 feet of pipe around your water heater.

2. Buy pipe insulation at your local home improvement store. For electric water heaters, use polyethylene or neoprene foam for best insulation. For gas water heaters, make sure that you keep the insulation at least 6 inches from the flue. If you have pipes that are close to the flue, the best choice is to use fiberglass pipe-wrap without a facing.

2. Cut your insulation to the appropriate lengths.

3. Secure the pipe sleeve. You can use tape, wire, or a cable tie about every foot or so to secure the pipe insulation. If you’re using fiberglass pipe-wrap, use use either wire or aluminum foil tape to secure it to the pipe.

Happy weekend!

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