Weekend Project: Re-caulk Kitchen Countertops

Caulk Kitchen

Having good caulk on your kitchen countertops is important because it gaurds against water and moisture damage. Caulking is easy to do, but only if you employ the correct techniques. Most tubes of caulk you buy will come in a standard size that will fit into a caulk gun, where the caulk will come out of the tube at a tip. If the tip is too large, the caulk will come out too quickly and ruin your backsplash, wall, sink, or countertop. If it’s too small, you could miss filling in some gaps. So what should you do? 

1. Purchase the right kind of caulk. Buy water-resistant caulk, such as silicone or elastomeric caulk so that water won’t leak through it. You’ll also want to get either clear caulk or one that will match your countertops.

2. Clean your surface. Spray countertops with an all purpose cleaner to get rid of dirt, dust, grease, and old caulk. Remove any old caulk by using a caulk remover chemical or with a utility knife.

3. Load the gun. Pull the plunger of the gun all the way back and then insert a tube of caulk. Push the trigger a few times to advance the plunger and hold the caulk in place. 

4. Cut the tip of the tube. The further up you cut, the larger your hole will be. Try to make your hole the same size as the gap you are trying to fill. Use a utility knife to cut the hole, and then use a long nail to puncture the seal inside the tube.

5. Squeeze the trigger until caulk is visible inside the tip. Hold the gun at a 45 degree angle with the tip almost touching the gap. Start further away and pull the gun toward you while you steadily push the caulk out of the gun.

6. When you’re finished, smooth the bead of caulk with your finger to smooth the surface. Wash your hands after you’re done.

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