Pre-Purchase Renovation Consultation

Handyman Home Repairs

Centurion Homes has extensive experience in completing remodels and renovations throughout Utah County and Salt Lake County. With our knowledge and experience, we are pleased to announce that we now offer remodel consultations for your new or potential purchase!

Up-front remodel costing is an invaluable resource in the process of purchasing real estate. Knowing how much you’ll need to invest post-purchase will help make a clear difference between a good deal and a terrible one. Because of the unique nature of each purchase remodel, there just isn’t a formulaic way to throw out ballpark figures for these types of projects that are consistently accurate unless we at least roughly detail it out. That’s where a pre-construction consultation comes in handy.

During the consultation process, we will walk through plans and ideas with you, give suggestions, confirm case-by-case numbers with our subcontractors to get the best and most accurate pricing, and give you a step-by-step breakdown of what your potential projects would cost, all for a nominal evaluation fee. Should you decide to move forward with the renovations, we will credit the amount toward your project total!

We are happy to provide the professional opinion you need in order to feel confident in the property you have your eye on. Call us today for pricing and scheduling! Dial 801-805-0177.

Or, to submit an online request for a renovation consultation, click here!